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MyBKExperience is an official BK Feedback or Burger King Survey portal which allows taking the Burger King Feedback Survey at As MyBKExperience Survey offers a free whopper Burger King coupon code BK Survey is also known as Burger King Free Whopper Survey. The customers are allowed to share Burger King Complaints, feedback, reviews, and complaints through Burger King customer survey.

Now, if you are Burger King restaurant users and want to share your Burger king experience or the feedback through this survey to get free Burger King Coupon Code of the BK Free Whopper, you’ll need to check this post. Easy and quick guide to taking an online survey and getting free Burger King Voucher Code has been shown here. Check the post available and take BK Survey to get free validation code now.


Mybkexperience Survey is held for the purpose to get ideas about customer satisfaction and visit experience customers have had at the restaurants. The feedback survey helps the restaurant chain to offer more comfort and better food services to the restaurant users.

There are some common issues and questionnaires which are discussed in the survey that helps survey admin to know the feedback through points and issues. The restaurant experience, food services, response etc are the point that might be asked in a customer satisfaction surveys. The survey participants are requested to answer and rate issues with honesty.


A free Burger King Voucher Code or Burger King Free Whopper Coupon Code is offered to every survey participants at the completion of the survey. The survey participant has to note this validation code on the restaurant receipt. After noting the validation code, the survey participant can visit the BK restaurants to redeem the BK coupon code to get free Burger King Whopper.

Burger King Survey Free Whopper

myBKexperience Survey Terms | BK Survey Rules

  • No purchase or payments are required to take an online survey or get an online coupon code.
  • The survey participants must be at least 13 years or older to take an online survey and get a free voucher code.
  • BK coupon code is offered to every survey participants at the end of a survey.
  • Only a single survey entry and a single validation code are offered to users on each restaurant visit receipt.
  • One validation code and a survey entry are offered per household in a 14 day period.
  • A restaurant visit receipt and knowledge of English, Spanish or French language are must be required to take an online feedback survey.
  • After getting the voucher code or validation code, the participant is not allowed to redeem for cash or else. It only can be redeemed with a free Whopper.

myBKexperience SURVEY


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How to take Burger King Survey & Get Free BK Coupon?

  1. Enter Burger King survey site
  2. Enter the Burger King restaurant number located on your receipt.
  3. After entering store number you’ll require entering the Burger King Survey Code located on your visit receipt.
  4. Tell the survey about your visit and share answer some basic restaurant visit questions.
  5. On entering the required details you will be on the survey feedback page. The survey participants have to rate the BK restaurant survey feedback issues. There will be options to rate from Highly Satisfied, Satisfied, Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied, Dissatisfied, highly Dissatisfied.
    • Overall restaurant experience
    • Temp of your food
    • Friendliness of employee team
    • Easiness in placing an order
    • Speed of service
    • Cleanliness of the restaurant
    • Value for the money
    • Payments and Purchasing easiness etc. Well, BK survey participants can also share further complaints, opinions, feedback, and views.
  6. On completing the BK Feedback survey page, the survey participants will receive a Burger King Voucher code which can be redeemed at the restaurant.Burger King Free Whopper Survey Code
  7. Note the validation code on your visit receipt carefully. Make sure you are noting the coupon code correctly.
  8. You have to take the receipt with the received coupon code to restaurants to redeem the validation code.

Burger King Survey @ Tips

It is necessary to take an online Burger King Survey or BK Feedback Survey at to get a Free Burger King Voucher Code or BK coupon code. The survey participant should not forget to take Burger King Coupon Code and Burger King Survey Code to redeem the validation code for the free Whopper. If you want to know more about the BK Survey or more similar surveys then check our survey site

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