Smashburger Feedback | Smashburger Survey and allow the customers from the Smashburger restaurant to share Smashburger Feedback and take the Smashburger Survey. A free Smashburger Coupon Code worth $1 off is offered to survey participants on taking Smashburger Feedback Survey.

Now, if you have visited the restaurant and have your Smashburger Survey Code then you must check this post. This post will help you get the free Smashburger Discount Coupon Code in simple steps. Check the post available here, share your opinion & feedback, take the survey and get your free coupon code now.

Smashburger Feedback @

There is an idea behind Smashburger Customer Satisfaction Survey. The idea to get customer experience & guest satisfaction ideas the customers have had at a restaurant. There are some satisfaction issues and concerns that help the restaurant chain to get the ideas and to treat the customers with more pleasure and better food service.

Overall restaurant visit experience, food quality, quantity, pricing, restaurant visit comfort, a response of staff employees etc are the issues which are discussed in the customer survey. The Survey participants are requested to give an honest answer to feedback question and rate the feedback issues with honesty.

Smashburger Coupon @

A Smashburger Coupon Code is offered to the participants on taking Smashburger Customer Satisfaction Survey. A free validation code will be offered to the customers on completing a customer satisfaction survey. The participant has to note this coupon code on the visit receipt they bought from a restaurant. On visiting the restaurant again and redeeming the coupon code free discount of $1 off is offered to the customers on their next purchase.

Smashburger Free Coupon terms | Survey Rules

  • No any kind of purchase or payment is required to enter the survey or to get a free validation code.
  • 13 years is the least age required to enter the survey and get a free discount coupon code.
  • A single entry in the customer survey and a single free discount validation code are offered to the survey participant per visit receipt.
  • The survey participants are not eligible to redeem the coupon code for anything else other than a free discount from the restaurant.
  • The survey participants are able to redeem the coupon code only once. Also, it is necessary to redeem the coupon code within 30 days from the day of getting a coupon code.

Smashburger Feedback

Steps to share Smashburger Feedback & Get Smashburger Coupon Code

  1.  Enter Smashburger Feedback Survey site @
  2. Enter the following required details to enter the feedback page
    • Store No
    • Date of Visit
    • Time of Visit
    • Check Number
  3. On entering the required details the participant will be on the feedback page where they required to share the customer experience through asked issues and concerns. The participant will have options to choose and rate the issues.
    • Overall visit experience
    • Friendliness of the team members on this visit
    • The overall speed of service
    • The overall cleanliness of this Smashburger location
    • The temperature of this location
    • Variety of menu options available
    • The value you received for the money you paid
  4. On entering the required details and sharing the feedback the customer will be asked about their Gender & Age. The customers who are above the age of 13 will receive a free validation code on their device screen.Smashburger Survey Code
  5. Note the validation code carefully on your receipt. Make sure that you are noting the coupon code correctly.
  6. Now, the customer has to visit the restaurant again to redeem the restaurant.
  7. Redeeming the validation code at the restaurant will offer a free discount of $1 on your next purchase.

Smashburger Feedback Survey tips

It is necessary to take the redeemable Smashburger Coupon Code and Smashburger Survey Code to the restaurant to get a free discount. The survey participant must take an online Smashburger Feedback Survey to get a free discount code. If you want to know more about Smashburger Survey or more similar surveys then check our survey site

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